Where To Buy Low Carb Pita Bread & Smart Pockets™

At Toufayan, we’ve been hearth baking pita bread since 1926, and our commitment to quality and care has not wavered since we started.

We offer our pita bread in several flavors, including original, multi-grain, organic sprouted whole wheat, sweet onion, and whole wheat, but one of the most popular has been our low carb pita bread.

With so many choices, we thought it would be helpful to share some nutritional information about some of our most popular pitas, tell you where you can find them and share some of our favorite recipes. Full disclosure, you might be pretty hungry by the time you’re finished reading…

Comparing Regular vs. Low Carb Pita Bread

People seek low carb food options for a variety of reasons, and look for favorite foods with lower carb options. Pita is no different.

All of our pitas are made with only top quality, wholesome ingredients. They are naturally cholesterol-free and trans-fat-free, pareve and naturally vegan. Toufayan Low Carb Pita is popular with those looking to reduce the number of carbs in their meals.

For those following a keto or low carb, high-fat diet, breads with fewer carbs can make a great alternative to standard pita bread products. To learn more about our pita product certifications and groups, follow this link.

Want to see the exact difference between our regular pita bread and our low carb option? Take a look at the nutrition facts.

Where to Find Toufayan Pita Bread

To find Toufayan pita bread, you have several options. First, you can use our convenient store locator. It allows you to sort by product and your location so you can find a store near you.

If you’d prefer to order online and have our products delivered straight to your door, you can place an order on Amazon. Buy our pitas in packs of three and shipping is FREE!

If you cannot find our pita products online or in a store near you, please email us at info@toufayan.com or fill out this form.

Other Pita Options

If you’re looking for a fun alternative to standard pita bread, we recently reinvented the pita to be more “user-friendly”. We now have Toufayan Smart Pockets™, which are only 80-100 calories depending on the flavor, and come in a square shape.

They even have a lower carb count than our low carb pita bread, and come in 100% whole wheat, everything, organic sprouted whole wheat, original, and you guessed it, low carb options. Other benefits include they stay fresh long, are easy to open, soft, and pliable.

Our Smart Pockets™ are a wholesome, convenient, and soft pocket pita bread option for the needs of today’s consumer. Many of them, including our “Smart Carb Pockets,” are made with whole oats and flax, and can be found on Amazon or at stores nationwide.

See the below images for a comparison of the nutrition facts for Original Smart Pockets™ and Low Carb Smart Pockets™.

Pita Bread Recipes

All Toufayan pitas and Smart Pockets™ are convenient and versatile. Just cut them in half or at the top and fill with meats, salads, or cheese. They’re great for tacos, sloppy joes, and fajitas, or they can be cut into bite-sized pieces for appetizers or served with dips.

Hungry yet? Check out our recipes below, then go grab some low-carb pita bread and make your favorites. There’s something for everyone!

Toufayan Bakeries - from our family to yours

The Toufayan family is proud to make the finest tasting and healthiest breads for your family. We’re always glad to hear from you, so if you have a moment, drop us a line at info@toufayan.com or leave a comment below.

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