Our Wholesale & Foodservice Products

Our wholesale bakery offers an extensive range of high-quality breads and baked goods designed to meet the diverse culinary needs of restaurants, cafes, and retailers.

We don’t stop at the classics; our offerings include culturally diverse options like authentic NY style bagels, flavorful tandoori naan, Mediterranean flatbread, wraps, and tortillas. For those looking for smaller or specialized versions, we have you covered with mini bagels, mini pitettes, and innovative Smart Pockets.

Bagels & Mini Bagels

Our bagels are the epitome of quality and flavor, perfectly balancing a chewy interior with a crisp exterior. Made from only the finest ingredients, our bagels are hearth baked to golden perfection, offering a delightful eating experience for your customers.

Elevate your café, deli, or restaurant by offering our diverse range of classic and innovative bagel options, made to satisfy any palate. Learn more about our Bagels and Mini Bagels.


Our wholesale bakery specializes in creating gourmet breadsticks that are the perfect blend of crunch and flavor, ideal for complementing any meal or served as a stand-alone snack. Crafted from high-quality ingredients and seasoned to perfection, our Breadsticks add a touch of elegance and sophistication to dining experiences. Learn more about our Breadsticks.

Breakfast Breads

We offer an exquisite range of breakfast breads that transform morning meals into memorable culinary experiences. Ideal for cafes, hotels, school breakfast programs, and grocery stores looking to offer high-quality options, our Breakfast Breads are not only delicious but also versatile enough to be enjoyed toasted, as an egg sandwich, or even just on their own.

Buns, Rolls & Ring Bread

Made with premium ingredients and traditional baking techniques, our buns and rolls are as versatile as they are delicious, and suitable for everything from gourmet burgers to elegant dinner spreads.

Whether you’re a restaurant looking to impress patrons or a retailer seeking high-quality bakery products, your customers will appreciate our buns and dinner rolls as the perfect pairing to the proteins you’re serving.

Flat Bread

Our authentic Flatbreads serve as the perfect canvas for various culinary creations, from wraps to pizzas. Made with the highest quality ingredients and a commitment to traditional baking methods, our Flatbreads offer unmatched texture and flavor. Our Flatbreads provide a versatile and delicious solution for all your needs. Learn more about our Flatbreads.

Gluten-Free Wraps

We offer high-quality gluten-free wraps that don’t compromise on taste or texture. Made with a carefully selected blend of gluten-free flours, our Wraps are soft, pliable, and flavorful, providing a delicious alternative for health-conscious consumers and those with dietary restrictions.

Ideal for delis, restaurants, and health food stores, our Gluten-Free Wraps are the perfect way to diversify your menu while catering to a growing demand for gluten-free options. Learn more about our Gluten-Free Wraps.

Keto Breads

Using keto-approved ingredients, our breads offer the taste and texture your customers crave. Whether you’re a health food store, a cafe, or a restaurant aiming to expand your dietary offerings, our Keto Breads are the ideal choice for satisfying even the most discerning health-conscious consumer. Learn more about our Keto Breads.


Our wholesale bakery takes pride in crafting authentic lavash, a thin and soft flatbread that brings a touch of Middle Eastern flair to any culinary setting. Made with premium ingredients and baked to perfection, our lavash is both pliable and flavorful, making it an excellent choice for wraps, roll-ups, or as a base for various toppings.

Perfect for restaurants, cafes, and specialty food retailers seeking to diversify their offerings, our Lavash offers a unique and high-quality option that can be easily integrated into a variety of dishes.

Mini Croissants

Our Mini Croissants are the epitome of flaky, buttery goodness, setting the gold standard for this French classic. Each croissant is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques and the finest ingredients, ensuring a rich, tender interior encased in layers of golden pastry.

Perfect for cafes, restaurants, and specialty food retailers, our croissants offer an authentic taste experience that will delight your customers and keep them coming back for more. Learn more about our Mini Croissants.

Pita & Pocket Breads

Our commercial bakery specializes in baking authentic pita bread with a soft, chewy inside and a slightly crisp outside, perfect for various dishes. Pitettes® are a smaller version of our pita and ideal for tapas, appetizers, or innovative sandwiches. Smart Pockets™ offer a versatile twist on traditional pita and are a conveniently square pocket bread. All baked with top-quality ingredients and time-honored recipes, our pita bread serves as a versatile foundation for dishes like hummus, gyros, pizza, and a wide array of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Ideal for restaurants, catering companies, and specialty food retailers, our Pita Breads offer a versatile and delicious option for any culinary occasion. Learn more about our Pita, Pitettes, and Mini Pitettes.

Tandoori Naan Flatbread

Our Tandoori Naan Flatbreads are a culinary delight that brings the authentic flavors of traditional Indian tandoor ovens to your menu. Made with a rich blend of spices and quality ingredients, our Tandoori Naan Flatbreads serve as the perfect base for an array of dishes, from exotic curries to contemporary fusion cuisine.

Restaurants, caterers, and specialty retailers will find that our Tandoori Naan Flatbreads not only adds diversity to their offerings but also provides an unmatched taste experience for their discerning customers. Learn more about our Tandoori Naan Flatbreads.

Tortillas & Wraps

Our wholesale bakery specializes in producing flavorful and functional tortilla wraps, offering a versatile base for countless culinary creations. Made from high-quality ingredients, our wraps are consistently soft, pliable, and durable, ensuring they hold up to even the most hearty fillings without breaking or tearing.

Ideal for restaurants, cafes, and retailers looking to offer convenient yet delicious meal options, our wraps are a must-have staple for any establishment that values quality and versatility. Learn more about our Wraps and Tortillas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mini croissant are kosher dairy and all of our other products are kosher pareve.

Our mini croissants are vegetarian and all of your other products are naturally vegan.

Please contact your sales rep for shelf life, thawing, and handling instructions for each specific product.

Our products are shipped frozen, and should remain frozen until displayed. Most products thaw within 3 hours. Contact your sales rep about shelf life, handling, and thawing instructions for each specific product.

The minimum order quantity depends on the product and location. Please contact a sales rep for more information.

Contact a sales rep for specific ordering information.

All products should be kept frozen and thawed immediately before placing on the sales floor. Contact your sales rep for specific thawing duration and handling instructions for each product.

In some cases we accept orders for customized products. Please contact your sales rep about our custom capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer gluten-free or vegan options?
Yes. We offer various gluten-free and vegan options to cater to our diverse customer needs.

How do I know if a product contains allergens?
All allergens are clearly labeled on the packaging according to federal regulations.

How long do your bakery products stay fresh?
The length of freshness will vary depending on the product. Please check the packaging for the best-by date.

What is the best way to store your products?
Most of our products are best stored in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration or freezing may be recommended for specific items.

What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity depends on the product and location. Please contact us for specifics.

How do I place a wholesale order?
You can order wholesale through our website or contact our sales team directly.

Can I freeze your baked products?
Many of our products can be frozen to extend shelf-life. Please refer to the product packaging for specific freezing instructions.

How often do you introduce new products?
We regularly update our product line based on customer feedback and market trends.

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