Sophias Cookies

Sophia’s Cookies makes every type of tasty treat imaginable, from cookies for lunches and snacks, to upscale offerings like Sweet Lemon and Chocolate Chip Pecan Mini Biscotti Bites… perfect for impressing neighbors and dinner guests!

Sophias Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers

Sophias Vanilla Wafers

Vanilla Wafers

Sophias Old-Fashioned Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps

Sophias Vanilla Cremes Sandwich Cookies

Vanilla Cremes

Sophias Duplex Cremes Sandwich Cookies

Duplex Cremes

Sophias Double Creme Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cremes

Sophias Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chips

Sophias Chocolate Chunk Chips Cookies

Chocolate Chunk Chips

Sophias Pecan Shorts Cookies

Pecan Shorts

Sophias Assorted Sandwich Creme Cookies


Sophias Lemon Sandwich Creme Cookies


Sophias Iced Lemon Cookies

Iced Lemon

Sophias Iced Oatmeal Cookies

Iced Oatmeal

Sophias Coconut Bars Cookies

Coconut Bars

Sophias Coconut Macaroon Cookies

Coconut Macaroon

Sophias Oatmeal Cookies