Ridgefield, New Jersey. SEPTEMBER 10th, 2013. — Toufayan Bakeries, one of the largest family run bakeries in the U.S., has expanded their current line of gluten free baked goods to meet the growing demand for the specialty products. The new products will include Spinach, Garden Vegetable and Savory Tomato flavored wraps and will join the very popular existing line of gluten free wraps that has been part of the Toufayan line of products since 2012.

“Families have been relyin’ on Toufayan since 1926, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make sure their needs are met,” said Karen Toufayan, VP Sales and Marketing at Toufayan. “More and more consumers are adopting a gluten free lifestyle and we want to be sure they can turn to Toufayan to feed their families delicious and healthy products, so we’re excited to add more options to our soft, pliable gluten free wrap line.”

Toufayan introduced their first gluten free products last year to much praise and they have quickly become a staple for the celiac and gluten-free communities. Never content to sacrifice taste, the Toufayan family has cooked up gluten free wraps that are as moist and delicious as the originals, so eating gluten free doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. Made with only the freshest ingredients and based off of traditional family recipes, every product that comes out of the Toufayan bakery is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

The new gluten free wraps are on shelves now, and Toufayan looks forward to introducing many more gluten free products in the coming months. Toufayan is also the maker of over 100 varieties of traditional baked goods, including bagels, pita, lavash and flatbreads, which can be found in the deli and bread aisles at supermarkets nationwide.