Toufayan introduces 5 new products

In Honor of Five Decades of Service in the U.S. Market, Toufayan Proudly Introduces Five New Products at This Year’s Fancy Food Show

Ridgefield, NJ., April 21, 2018, Booth #5448 — Toufayan Bakeries, one of the largest family owned commercial bakeries in America, introduced five new products in honor of serving the U.S. market for 50 years.

“We are thrilled to offer these five varieties to our consumers as a way of saying thanks for supporting us in the last 50 years,” said Karen Toufayan, director of marketing at Toufayan Bakeries. “Taking product and thinking of ways to make it better for our consumers is something that crosses our mind every day, being able to introduce these new varieties just as consumers begin seeking them out on shelves, is certainly exciting and allows us to see what consumers like.”

Toufayan Lavash Wraps — Our unique combination of flax, oat fiber and whole wheat will make this uniquely soft textured bread an instant family hit, especially since it is also an excellent source of protein and fiber.

Toufayan Gluten Free Smart Grain Wraps — This gluten free multi grain wrap will surprise you, given its soft pliable texture and hearty taste. These wraps are Non-GMO, soy free, vegan, and high in fiber.

Toufayan Gluten Free Pizza Crusts — These gluten free thin style pizza crusts make it easy for the entire family, even those on a gluten free diet, to enjoy a fresh homemade personal pizza in the comfort of their homes. There are three delicious pizza recipes on each package.

Toufayan Thin Style Pita — This “old world” pita captures the taste and texture of the original Middle Eastern pitas and are perfect pockets for all your favorite ingredients as well as wonderful dipping bread carrier.

Toufayan Tandoori Flatbreads — These traditional Indian style flatbreads, make for a delicious change of pace flatbread the family will enjoy. They are also Non-GMO.