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Toufayan Bakeries Food Service Buns


Toufayan Bakeries Food Service Buns

Toufayan Buns and Dinner Rolls are great for institution feeding. They’re easy to use, have a great fresh taste, have a long shelf life, and come in a wide assortment of varieties including White, Whole Wheat, and Potato.

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  1. Stephanie S.

    Yes! Bring these back!!! I grew up in the Chicagoland area (my family called these buns cradles), and these are the perfect thing for a Chicago-style hot dog, so all the toppings don’t fall out. Although I don’t think Toufayan was the brand back then, I love Toufayan flatbreads, so I know these would be just as good! P.S. I work in a grocery store, so I would buy them ALL THE TIME!

    1. Toufayan

      Yes!! Chicago-style hot dogs in a snuggle! I’m totally gonna ask the bakers to do poppy seed Snuggles and Everything flavor too. Good idea!

  2. Jim Mitchellq

    Yes, please start producing the Snuggles hot dog buns again. The u-shape was so clever and effective. V-shaped bun fall apart, don’t provide enough room to add condiments, and the Snuggles tasted so much better. I can’t understand why they didn’t sell very well because they are far better than what is out there now.

  3. Marcy

    I agree… PLEASE bring them back and if you sold them by the other buns instead of the bakery I bet many more people would discover them. And how about a spot of advertising? I only discovered them be chance. Never could understand why I never saw an ad for something so great.

    1. Toufayan

      Thanks for the tip Marcy! It can be more complicated than it seems to get products in the supermarket on the right shelf. Keep the comments coming and we’ll be sure to get enough attention to get them back on the shelves!

  4. Jo

    Please bring them back. We loved them. We could only find them out of town but we bought them everytime we went. Even make several trips just to get them.

  5. Terry Schroeder

    PLEASE bring back the Snuggles! I pretty much stopped eating hot dogs when I could no longer find them! Also the perfect bun for chicken salad, tuna salad, etc! I am thinking a good marketing push would have them flying off the shelves!

    1. Toufayan

      Hadn’t thought of tuna salad on a Snuggle! We are working towards bringing this product back, mostly due to the comments on this board! So keep it up and we’ll all see some delicious results!

  6. MIKE R.

    PLEASE , Bring them back , i miss them . I ordered them over the phone , and the lady that took my order told me that she used to live in Great Neck N.Y. , at that time i worked at Saddle Rock School in Great Neck , and i had them delivered there . So if you only sell them online i am sure all of the people that replied would be very happy !!! , and i would ask those people to talk to local Supermarket Managers that sell your other products to get this product back on the shelves !!! TOUFAYAN PLEASE get them back , as you can see we LOVE THEM !!!

    1. Melanie

      OMG I have been looking for theses awesome hit dog buns since Ihad them up in Idaho in 1989 yes I said 1989! Just found out what they were called…..and niw to find out they have been duscontinued! So Very Bummed!! You have to bring them back ASAP!!!

    1. Toufayan

      That sounds amazing! We’re working with our managers and bakers to see if we can bring these back, please keep your comments coming!

  7. Ashley B

    LOVE the Snuggles! My husband now measures all buns against them, and I can tell you, none stand up. PLEASE bring them back! I would order them through Amazon Pantry if they were offered there!!!!

    1. Jim Mitchell

      I agree. V-shaped hot dog buns are horrible. It’s a lazy design that doesn’t work…it’s like the producers of these don’t care about the customers which should be the death of any product. The u-shaped hot dog bun was perfection in design, functionality, and taste. Making them with similar taste to Italian sweet bread would be heaven.

    1. Joe

      I used to eat a “house label” (Ralph’s groceries in Los Angeles) these back in the 80s. Loved them so much, but they seem to have been discontinued sometime in the 90s. Now I learned about Snuggles (which I think Ralph’s was copying), only to find Snuggles are gone too. Please bring them back!!!!

      1. Toufayan

        Hello Joe.
        We’re super excited to see a renewed interest in the product. We are working with our bakers (and some of our less interesting experts) to perhaps bring back a summer promotion that offers Snuggles! Keep the comments coming in and together we’ll make this a reality!

  8. Benjamin

    Yes, definitely bring these back. They are the only hot dog bun I would ever buy. Have them rack them with regular hot dog buns instead of in the deli section – they were always hard to find.

    1. Toufayan

      Hi Ron,
      We remember them too! They were called, Toufayan Snuggles. We don’t make them anymore, but we’ll mention your interest to the bakers and to the coordinators. If some others have an interest, perhaps we can bring this product back, or bake up something similar.
      Thanks again.

      1. LutherP

        Got my vote to bring them back. Can you tell me when you started making them? And when you stopped making. Curious about the history.

        1. Toufayan

          Hi Luther,
          It looks like they’ve been out of production for quite some time. The grocers seemed less and less interested and so many of them declined to restock that we halted production. Since there does seem to be interest, we’ll talk to our bakers and our grocers about making them again! please keep the comments coming!

          1. Roy Dobbins

            My entire family enjoyed Snuggles Hot Dog Fun Buns and would love to see them back in production and in Public’s in Florida or Kroger’s in Virginia. That was a great item, the bun did not bush open at the bottom, when you spread the top open to put the wiener or sausage in the bun.

      2. Brian G

        Bring back Snuggles, please! They are truly the best and there’s nothing else like them on the market. With a bit of advertising/promotion, these would easily be your top selling product and radically disrupt the hot dog buns industry!

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