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Toufayan Bakeries Assorted Gluten Free Wraps
Like our regular wraps, Toufayan Gluten Free Wraps use only top quality, wholesome ingredients. They are naturally cholesterol free and trans fat free. True to the original traditions, we hearth bake each wrap to perfection so they are convenient and versatile.They are moist, delicious and nutritious, Toufayan Gluten Free Wraps are great for breakfast, lunch or afternoon snacking.

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  1. Jen
    I have to start this off by saying that I have NEVER written a review for any product or service but felt compelled to write a review or the Gluten Free wraps. I was recently advised by my Dr. to start a FODMAPs diet which means that I am gluten free, lactose free, soy free, bean free, onion and garlic free along with a whole bunch of other restrictions. I went on vacation in Florida in December after only being on my new diet for less than two months and discovered your gluten free wraps at Publix. Every day, I packed a wrap sandwich in the cooler to take to the beach with me. Each and every day, the wraps held up to being in a cooler with waters and other snacks but most importantly I felt like I was eating “normal” food because it didn’t taste like it was gluten free! I went back to MN and went looking for the wraps but could only find gluten free tortillas that I have only had crumble when I tried to wrap or fold them. I was so excited that I was able to locate one store in MN that carried the Toufayan Gluten Free wraps and it was only 20 minutes away. I was so excited that today I was able to enjoy a wrap sandwich with my Toufayan sandwich wraps.
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  3. Kristi
    I purchased some of your GF Wraps this past summer, as we were traveling, and they are the best product I have found to date that my daughter can eat. She is also allergic to egg so I was surprised to see on this questions and answer section that you list eggs on the ingredient list. The package that I purchased did NOT have egg in it. I have since found an ingredient list online that shows NO EGGS on it. Did you change your recipe recently to include eggs? Here is the link: I am afraid to try to purchase these online now since I don’t know which products will have egg or not. Please consider offering these completely egg free as well, there are so many GF with egg and a large population that is allergic to both gluten and eggs.
    1. ig
      Hello Kristi and thank you for your endorsement!
      The currently available Gluten Free Wraps do contain both Soy and Egg. The listed ingredients on the Wegman’s site to not appear to be correct. For some time now the ingredients for our Gluten Free Wraps, Original Flavor, are as follows:

      Ingredients: Tapioca Starch, Water, rice flour, soybean flour, shortening (canola oil, palm and palm kernal), food starch modified (corn starch, tapioca starch), potato starch, contains 2% or less of each of the follow: yeast, baking powder (calcium acid pyrophosphate, sodium, bicarbonate, corn starch, monocalcium phosphate, calcium sulfate), whole eggs, fumaric acid, mono and diglycerides with citric acid (a preservative), maltodextrin, dextrose, xanthan gum, egg whites, calcium propionate (to maintain freshness) salt.
      Contains: Soy, Egg

      Those are the ingredients listed on the package, please let us know if you find packages that do not match. You can contact a Toufayan representative at for more information. We will offer your suggestion of an egg and gluten free wrap to our bakers.
      Thanks again!
  4. Inri
    Hi I’m a small cafe looking for glutten free wraps. Read your reviews. Please contact us. We’d like to order. Blu elefant cafe 323-641-0466
    1. ig
      Hello Stephanie and thanks for your endorsement!

      You can find our wraps in A&P, D’agastino, Fairway, Foodtown, Gristedes, Hannaford, King Kullen, Shop Rite or Waldbaums. Or, use our store finder to find other stores in your area.
      After the recent Acme Food Stores merger, some of your favorite grocers may be going through some changes. Make sure you ask your store manager to carry your favorite Toufayan products with their new programs. You can download a copy of our Gluten Free Product request form to make it easier for your store manager to order our gluten free products.
      Be sure to let us know if you still can’t find wraps in your area and, thanks again!
  5. I was purchasing Your Toufayan Gluten Free Wraps at the Connecticut East Windsor Wall Mart But they did not have them the last time I went there ? Please Help Looking Frantically
    1. ig
      Hello Clint and thank you for your endorsement!
      You can ask your store manager to continue carrying our Gluten Free Wraps, use this request form to help out, Gluten-Free-Product-Request Form. Print it out, select your favorite products and bring it to your store.
      If you can’t wait, don’t despair: in your area, Fairway, Kings and Shoprite also carry our Gluten Free wraps!
    1. ig
      You can ask your store manager to carry our Gluten Free Wraps, with this request form, Gluten-Free-Product-Request Form.
      Also, you can try Kings in Old Greenwich, (26 Arcadia Road), Fairway in Lake Grove (3200 Middly Country Road) or Stamford (699 Canal Street) and Shoprite in Manchester (214 Spencer Street), East Hartford (31 Main Street), West Hartford (46 Kane Street) or Enfield (40 Hazard Avenue).
  6. Nancy
    The gF Toufayan wraps are incredibly good! We live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, and I am not sure what store I even purchased them in! They are excellent! I have two boys, 16 and 13 … they LOVED the Spinach wrap, better than the original. Who would’ve thought?! Thank you for making life easier. So glad for your product.
  7. Linda Pishock
    Hi, until recently I’ve been purchasing your gluten free wraps at Walmart, they don’t carry them any more. Your website listed Weis market, & Shoprite, I went to the closest one of both and neither one carry them. Can you give me an updated location where I can find them? They are the only thing I can make a sandwich with that I like. Thank You, Linda
    1. ig
      Hello Linda and thank you for your endorsement!
      While we do ship our Gluten Free wraps to Weis and Shoprite, the individual franchises tend to vary in their selection within each state. You can check your favorite grocer’s other locations, or you can request that your store manager add the Gluten Free Wraps to their inventory. For your convenience, here is a product request form you can print and bring to your store.
      Gluten Free Product Request Form
    1. ig
      Hello Laurie,
      Unfortunately, we do not have an egg-free alternative gluten free wrap. However, you can try our new Gluten Free Pita Chips, which are egg free. We’ll mention the idea of a gluten-free, egg-free alternative to our bakers for you.
  8. gordon smith
    My Gluten-free wife, and I love making lunches with the Wrap-itz (by Tam-x-icos). The flavor is perfect, and it holds together well, whether in a Quesadilla or sandwich wap. However, my last two batches of these, the layers were fused (I took a picture) and impossible to separate. That was disappointing. Is it the packing process? Transportation? How the store stacked them on the shelf? I want to avoid getting another fused stack of the Tortilla wraps. These are too good to quit on them now…
    1. ig
      Hello Gordon, and thank you for your interest
      We haven’t changed our recipe for Wrap-itz. We ship our wraps flash frozen, for maximum shelf life, ensuring a fresher product off the shelf. It is possible that the grocer thawed them too slowly, or stacked them too high while they thawed. This may cause an issue like what you are experiencing. I suggest mentioning this to your store’s manager, and returning any unsatisfactory products for a refund. Let us know if you continue to receive wraps with this issue. You can contact us on this website, or email us directly at
  9. Debra Whitehead
    Hello My family loves the Toufayan pita chips….can you please make the gluten free wraps that are all natural and made with non-GMO ingredients? I would love to purchase these but we eat only non-GMO and organic foods…. Thank you, Debra
    1. ig
      Hi Debra, thank you for your endorsement!
      We are working hard ot bring you all-natural, non-GMO certified products, with the same great flavors, textures and standards you love and rely on. Because of these high standards, the process may take us some time, but look out for new developments soon!
    1. ig
      Kelly, If you have a Foodtown, Shoprite, Superfresh or Weiss nearby, you can purchase them there. Otherwise, you can ask your local grocer to add them to their inventory. In Maryland, our products are carried by IGA, Shop n’Save, Shoppers and Walmart. You can check our where to buy page to see stores in your area and what Toufayan products they carry. Also, you can contact a Toufayan representative via our contact page or email us at to request Gluten Free Wraps by delivery.
    1. ig
      Hello Julia, here is the ingredient list for Gluten Free Wraps:

      The ingredients for Gluten Free Pita Chips (Sea Salt) :

      1. Debra
        I love your GF pita chips!!!! Thank you for using non GMO ingredients. Can you please tell me when you are planning on using non-GMO ingredients in your wraps? I would really love to eat them but we do all natural or organic and will not compromise on the GMO’s. Thank you, Debra
        1. ig
          Hi Debra, we’re working hard on implementing non-GMO standards, without sacrificing flavor or texture. Check back with us soon to see what other products we can offer with All Natural, non-GMO ingredients. (We can’t give an ETA yet, but we’re working in that direction!)
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  11. Tom
    Hi, Amazing GF wraps!! My wife has celiac and these are the only wraps we’ve found that don’t fall apart! Taste is also amazing! Well done!! Tell me, are there any plans to expand the GF product line? Maybe sandwich thins? Whatever you’re doing, please keep it up!!
  12. Melissa
    I went to a restaurant this past weekend and had a gluten free breakfast sandwich with sausage egg whites and mozzarella. It was delicious!!! I asked them what they used for the wrap and they brought me your wrapper. I’ve never had a gluten free breakfast sandwich and the wrap was so tasty I had to let you know. I’m running out this week to buy some! Thanks for making such a great product!
  13. Rachel
    Are your gluten-free wraps and gluten-free pita chips made in the same factory and on the sane equipment as your regular products? Worried about cross contamination (I have celiac) and can’t find any info on your packaging or website. Thanks!
    1. ig
      Hello Rachel, we appreciate your concern. Our Gluten-Free products are not made on the same equipment that processes products with gluten.
  14. richard hoyle
    These wraps are amazing. I recently discovered them but upon buying the last two packs today I discovered that the brand new wraps are in date but moldy all of them :-( please contact me as i really want the product and sad cant eat these ones :-(
    1. ig
      Hello Richard. Thank you for your endorsement. We’re very sorry to hear about your recent purchase. We suggest that you return the wraps to your grocer for a refund or replacement, but we would be happy to help if you are unable to return the wraps, or your grocer will not replace them. Please email us with your name, your store’s name and address and the date of purchase.
    1. ig
      You should be able to find our products at Albertsons, BGC Brookshire, Brookshire Brothers, Fiesta, Grocers Supply, HEB, Kroger and Sprouts. Check our store finder for more details.
  15. Bobbie
    Hi. We love your wraps! The gluten free ones. Our local Wegmans stopped carrying them. Could you tell me where I can find them in the Baltimore, Maryland? Thanks, Bobbie Norris
    1. ig
      Hello Emelie, we don’t recommend that you refrigerate the wraps. However, personally I have found that there doesn’t seem to be a drawback to keeping them in the fridge (I usually put them in the deli drawer). Either in or out of the fridge, I prefer to transfer them to a one gallon resealable freezer bag from which, in my opinion, is easier to remove excess air. If they seem a little stiff or brittle, I recommend sprinkling a few drops of water on paper towels and placing the wraps between the slightly damp layers, then microwave for about 20 seconds to enhance pliability.
  16. Sue
    I see that your wraps are Gluten free but I cannot find an ingredients list. My Mom is allergic to wheat …but also has other allergies.
    1. ig
      Hello Sue. Our Original Gluten Free wraps include tapioca starch, rice flour, soybean flour, vegetable oil, corn starch, potato starch, calcium, whole eggs and salt. Please see the packaging for other ingredients (2% or less).
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  18. Alexandra
    Hi- I just love your gluten free wraps. Especially the spinach ones. I wanted to make a suggestion – please consider making these without artificial colors. Most people avoid artificial colors because they’re unhealthy. But these are the best gf wraps out there! I hope you’ll consider my suggestion. Thank you.
      Hello Alexandra, and thank you for your suggestion! We would love to replace the artificial coloring with all natural ingredients and we are working hard to accommodate your request! Please give us some time to work it out, meanwhile enjoy our wholesome, Gluten Free Wraps! Thank you.
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  20. els
    My daughter has Coeliaki and we were searching for glutenfree wraps as she likes them very much. Last fall we visited frieds at Aruba and find your Glutenfree wraps and they are great!! As we live in the Netherlands, we took 2 packages home. But now they are all eaten and I was searching on internet how to get these wraps ordered by internet. But I think I can’t :-( Please let me know how I can get the wraps to the Netherlands!1
    1. ig
      Hello Els and thank you so much for your interest in our wraps. You can contact a representative of Toufayan Bakeries using the form on our contact page, or call us at 1-800-EAT-PITA. We’d love to help you get some more Gluten Free Wraps. Thanks again!
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  22. Michele McCallum
    We enjoy the gluten free wraps, but I noticed there is no sell date on the package. Can you advise the shelf life on this item? And can these be frozen? Thank You
    1. ig
      Thanks for your comment, Michele. The sell by date of our Gluten Free Wraps is meant to be coded by your grocer. We recommend the reseller to code these wraps with a 30 day shelf life. Sometimes these wraps are frozen for shipping and once thawed the 30 day expiration begins. It is acceptable to freeze these wraps to extend their shelf life, however once defrosted you should use them immediately and not refreeze. When freezing products, remember to use an airtight container with as much air removed as possible and try to reach the frozen state as quickly as possible. To speed the freezing process, refrigerate your wraps unpackaged spread out on a sheet pan until thoroughly chilled (about 2 hours). Place the sheet pan in the coldest part of your freezer for 2 more hours or until frozen. Remove the sheet pan and place your frozen wraps in an airtight container. Defrost within 3 months. For best results, defrost in the refrigerator overnight.

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