Wholesale Pita & Pocket Breads

5 roasted chickpea cauliflower pitas

We offer pita and pocket breads to cater to all your bulk retail and food service needs.

What Are Pita & Pocket Breads?

Pita bread is a round, leavened flatbread originating from the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. It’s known for its unique pocket, which forms during the baking process, making it ideal for filling with a variety of ingredients. Soft and slightly chewy, pita is commonly used in dishes like sandwiches, and wraps, and as an accompaniment to dips like hummus and tzatziki.

Pitettes are small, pocketed pita bread, perfect for filling with your favorite ingredients. Their compact size makes them ideal for snacks, appetizers, or light meals. Mini Pitettes are a bite-sized version of Pitettes.

A pocket bread is a square-shaped, pre-sliced version of traditional pita bread, designed for convenience and versatility in making sandwiches and other filled bread dishes. The unique square shape and pre-cut pockets make them easy to fill with a variety of ingredients.

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Why Choose Our Wholesale Pita & Pocket Breads?

Our authentic wholesale pita bread is soft inside and slightly crisp outside. Wholesale pitettes® are smaller versions of our pita, great for snacks and small sandwiches, while wholesale pocket breads are a spin on traditional pita, offering a uniquely shaped square pocket bread. Crafted with premium ingredients and following age-old recipes, our pita bread options are an adaptable base for a variety of dishes.

Opt for the simplicity of bulk ordering, guaranteeing a steady supply for your retail or food service business. Our long-standing experience cements us as a dependable partner, famed for on-time deliveries and superior customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our pita and pocket breads are kosher.

Pocket breads like pita can be filled with a variety of ingredients, from Mediterranean classics like grilled chicken, hummus, and vegetables, to other favorites such as deli meats, cheeses, and fresh salads.

Pita bread is often stuffed with fillings like grilled meats or vegetables for a sandwich, used as a scoop for dips like hummus, made into pita pizzas with toppings, toasted for added crunch, or wrapped around ingredients for an easy, handheld meal.

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