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We offer mini croissants to cater to all your bulk retail and food service needs.

What Is A Mini Croissant?

A mini croissant is a smaller version of a traditional croissant. A croissant is a buttery, flaky pastry, famous for its crescent shape. Originating in France, it’s made with layered yeast-leavened dough, which is repeatedly folded and rolled to create its distinctive light, airy texture. Croissants are often enjoyed as a breakfast item or snack and can be filled with chocolate, almond paste, or ham and cheese for added flavor.

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Why Order Our Wholesale Mini Croissants?

Our wholesale mini croissants are delightfully light and buttery, made with care to capture the essence of this beloved French treat. Each one is baked to golden perfection, combining quality ingredients for a simple yet satisfying experience.

Embrace the benefits of bulk ordering, securing a stable, customized stock for your retail or food service business needs. Our extensive experience positions us as a reliable partner, celebrated for our on-time delivery and outstanding customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our mini croissants are kosher.

No, our mini croissants are not vegan.

Please contact your sales rep for shelf life, thawing, and handling instructions for each specific product.

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