Wholesale Flat Bread

Vegan Cheese Flatbread Landscape

We offer authentic wholesale flat breads to cater to all your bulk retail and food service needs.

What is a Flat Bread?

Flat bread is a distinctive type of bread characterized by its thin, flat, and unleavened structured. It is extremely versatile and can be employed as a base for pizzas, a vessel for sandwiches, a wrap for flavorful fillings, and more!

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Why Choose Our Flat Breads?

Our wholesale flat breads are crafted exclusively with the finest ingredients, baked to a golden-brown perfection, ensuring an authentic flavor. The thin and flexible nature of our flatbreads provide a versatile and delectable solution for all your needs.

Discover the advantages of bulk ordering, ensuring a continuous supply that meets the needs of your retail store or food service business. Grounded in decades of experience, we have become a trusted partner in the food industry, renowned for our timely deliveries and superior customer care.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not currently offer gluten-free flatbreads but we do offer gluten-free wraps.

Yes, our flat breads are kosher.

Yes, our flat breads are vegan.

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