Top Gluten-Free Lifestyle Influencers & Bloggers to Follow

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If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you may have noticed over the past few months we’ve been collaborating with some amazing influencers, bloggers and fans.

It’s been such a positive experience working with many of these amazing individuals in the gluten-free, health and fitness communities that we wanted to recognize each of their contributions.

With that in mind, go through this article for some of the top gluten-free influencers and bloggers, along with ones who make gluten-free posts, to follow on social media. You won’t be disappointed (unless you love gluten)!

100% Gluten-Free Influencers & Bloggers

Take a look at this impressive list of influencers that are 100% gluten-free! You might get hungry, so we suggest having one (or several) of our gluten-free products handy.

@fit.lil.vegan_ – Kaela McKenna

Kaela McKenna of Massapequa, NY, is Vegan and gluten-free. Her Instagram posts about her weight loss journey, lifestyle transformation and positivity. She is also a passionate Animal Rights Activist and Mental Health Advocate.

@elanaspantry – Elana Amsterdam

Elana Amsterdam is a New York Times Bestselling author and the founder of Elana’s Pantry, which is a site dedicated for health recipes that are Keto, Paleo, grain-free and more. Learn more about what she’s up to today by visiting her website.

@girlstrynaeat – Haley Lerner & Jazmin Gelbart

Haley Lerner & Jazmin Gelbart are the dynamic duo behind “Girls Tryna Eat”. Located in Washington DC, they are both gluten-free and dairy-free foodies. Follow them for great food posts from their travels and their own experiments in the kitchen.

@celiacchicks – Kelly Courson

Kelly Courson is based in New Jersey and has been sharing her gluten-free finds since 2003! Very well-rounded, she serves as a lifestyle expert and consultant as well as a certified holistic health and wellness coach. Check out her blog for recipes, products and more.

@orchidsnsweettea_ – Shanika

Shanika is a self-taught cook, baker, food stylist, recipe developer, and the writer behind all of the deliciousness on Orchids + Sweet Tea! Her blog is a resource for amazing comfort food and sweets, with a healthy twist. She develops amazing dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan recipes.

@im.emily.bean – Emily Briand

Emily Briand, AKA “Emily Bean” is a 100% gluten-free foodie from the New England area. Check out her page for her latest eats and shenanigans.

@baileycarolineblog – Bailey Tesh

Bailey Tesh of Hickory, North Carolina is a student at NC State Wilson. She is passionate about fashion, fitness and being a gluten-free foodie. You can learn more about her by checking out her amazing lifestyle blog!

@nogluten.noproblem – Pete and Kelli Bronski

Pete and Kelli Bronski are the Colorado power couple behind No Gluten, No Problem. They publish gluten-free recipes and cookbooks, and talk about being a gluten-free family/household. Try the latest recipes posted on their website.

@delightfullyglutennfree – Yasmin Northstone

Yasmin Northstone is a full-time university student in Australia going for a bachelor of sport and exercise science, and majoring in nutrition. She has an immense love for all things food, and has made it her mission to find delightful gluten-free recipes after becoming severely intolerant at the beginning of 2018. Visit her blog here.

@guudeats_p – Polina Boily

Polina Boily of Middletown, CT shares her love of food with a dash of sarcasm on the side. She is a gluten-free foodie who creates easy meal inspiration that requires no culinary degree.

@allthehealthythings – Ashlea Adams

Ashlea is a wife, dog mom, and developer of simple, healthy, gluten-free recipes. Her website, All the Healthy Things has grown into a health and wellness website that focuses on providing simple, real food recipes to help women live a happy, balanced life that they enjoy.

@bloatedbelly_co – Amy Flaschernriem

From Farmington, MN, Amy Flaschernriem is a health and wellness blogger. She is a gluten-free and dairy-free eating disorder survivor, and is currently living with Scleroderma, Celiac Disease, IBS and more. Follow her on Instagram or check out her blog for amazing tips and inspiration.

@theblendergirl – Tess Masters

Tess Masters is The Blender Girl. From Australia, she now resides in Los Angeles, California as an actor and author. Head over to her website for everything you need to know about juicing and smoothies.

@gracecheetham – Grace Cheetham

Grace Cheetham was diagnosed with allergies/intolerances at a young age and has spent many years following allergy diets. She is now an author, passionate about good food and allergy-free living. Take a look at her site for more inspiration.

@countryfit – Ashlynn Knope

Ashlynn Knope of Blue Springs, Missouri is into everything workout and fitness related. She is a sponsored athlete, YouTuber, and has been gluten-free since 2007. We cannot confirm or deny if she is related to Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec.

@healthiersteps – Michelle Blackwood

Michelle Blackwood is a Jamaican-American food blogger and RN living in Florida. She is the author of “Healthier Steps 125 Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes”, and runs Healthier Steps, a blog filled with vegan and gluten-free recipes.

@girlwithnogluten_ – Nicole Urban

Nicole Urban of New York, NY is a gluten-free and tree nut-free product reviewer, but what’s most impressive is that she is also a COVID-19 ICU RN. While her food photos are impressive, we’re even more impressed with how she is making a positive impact in people’s lives.

@sondibruner – Sondi Bruner

Sondi Bruner of Vancouver, Canada is a holistic nutritionist, freelance writer, gluten-free and dairy-free food blogger, and chocolate enthusiast. She is always dreaming of what she can create in the kitchen, which you can find out more about on her website.

@freshishreal – Chantal

Chantal of Ottawa, Canada is a culinary nutrition expert and recipe creator. She is known for transforming traditional recipes into plant-based, allergen-friendly and nutritious meals for all to enjoy! Go to her site to learn more about her GFV baking obsession.

@dontmesswithmama – Tracey Black

Tracey Black is the founder and CEO of Don’t Mess with Mama. She has a background in health care, publishing, research, nutrition and wellness. Her website is designed to help others take their health into their own hands and take a step toward a more natural lifestyle.

Influencers & Bloggers with Gluten-Free Posts

There are several others who are considering a transition or are experimenting with a gluten-free and vegan lifestyle, whether or not they need to for dietary purposes, or just want to for their overall health. We found that many of them were interested in trying gluten-free wraps to see how they compared to regular ones. Here are some great accounts to check out:

@sophit_ – Sophie Bruskof

Sophie Bruskof, AKA “Soph”, is a student at University of Maryland and Boxing Coach from Livingston, NJ. She posts about all things health and fitness, including home workout videos, recipes, brands she collaborates with and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

@uncomplicatedchef – Albana Shkupi

A chef and food blogger from Tampa, FL, Albana Shkupi creates uncomplicated recipes (hence her IG handle) that anyone can make. She’s also a fantastic photographer, and takes all her own photos!

@anniemaeseats – Ann Mason McConnell

Ann McConnell has been posting about Toufayan for quite some time now on her own. Based in Clover, South Carolina, she is an 18-year-old student at the University of South Carolina and NASM-CPT. She is dedicated to building her version of a healthy lifestyle through food and fitness and hopes to help others along the way.

@fayespov – Faye Albanna

Out of Orlando, Florida, Faye Albanna is a foodie and life enthusiast. She loves how many wonderful friendships she has been able to make thus-far on her journey. Faye is also the self-proclaimed “Caption Queen” – we’ll let you be the judge of that!

@nourishingshea – Shea Boecker

Shea Boecker is most well known for her ice cream eating streak, going on nearly 400 consecutive days. From Lutherville, MD, Shea is passionate about telling her life story and helping others achieve self-care and self-love. Read her blog to find out more about her background.

@willworkforheels – Katrice Shorter

Katrice Shorter of Jacksonville, FL is a personal style and food blogger, as well as a seasoned world traveler. She’s also a science teacher! Her motto is “High Heels & Good Meals” – we like the sound of that!

@myfreshperspective – Angela Simpson

Angela Simpson of Vancouver, Canada is culinary nutrition and holistic health coach. She is also a wellness blogger and houseplant-obsessed. (her words, not ours!)

@thatcleanlife – Abigail & Christopher Hopkins

Abigail, the founder of That Clean Life, along with her husband, have built a tool used by health coaches to empower their clients to eat smarter. They also have a blog filled with simple, healthy and delicious recipes, and an impressive team dedicated to improving the lives of others.

@college_cuisinee – Sam Asaro

Sam Asaro is “hungry and hangry” and warns that her posts may cause hunger. Located in Port Washington, NY, Sam is a college student, but her food makes her look like a seasoned veteran.


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