Toufayan Keto Pita BreadcrumbsLet's turn our Toufayan Keto Pitas into breadcrumbs! A great way to repurpose your pita all while adding a delish texture to other foods!
Gluten Free Taco Salad BowlEnjoy Toufayan's Gluten Free Taco Salad Bowl recipe! Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner idea for the whole family.
Toufayan Pita Monte Cristo-Style PaniniNot sure what to do with your holiday leftovers? Stuff em' in a pita of course! Enjoy your leftovers in a different form to get that same amazing flavor in a Toufayan pita that ties everything together.
Toufayan Keto Pita Burger BarToufayan is now Keto friendly! Create a platter for for either lunch or dinner to keep you or your family fueled. This recipe only contains 8 Net Carbs!