Toufayan Bakeries Pita Chip Veggie Spread


Toufayan Bakeries Scoop-Able Pita Chips

Toufayan has taken its 85 years of making fresh pita and created a unique, all natural, crispy, crunchy snack that recognizes how families want to really enjoy pita chips: with their favorite dips. So, we created the first and only pita chip with a pocket to capture the goodness of your favorite dips. New Toufayan Scoop-Able Pita Chips. Because they’re so crunchy and tasty, you may even be tempted to enjoy them all by themselves.

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  3. Hello! I saw your ad on specialty food news’s website, and was wondering if you deliver to, or have a distributor in brooklyn, NY? Could we get pricing and samples of your pita chips, both the scoops and the gluten free variety? Thank you!

      1. Leisa Miceli

        Hi I just discovered these pita chips and I like the caramelized onion flavor, but the chipotle flavor smells like ash. I do not like the taste of chipotle pita chips.

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