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Since 1926 Families Have Been Relyin’ On The Fresh Taste Of Toufayan.

That’s ’cause they love our family recipes, fresh-baked flavor, and commitment to bringing them the best tasting, healthiest breads they’ve ever eaten. When it says Toufayan, it’s always our best… from our family to yours!



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Making the best pita bread has always been a passion for the Toufayan family. Harry’s father started the business in the Middle East in 1926, and worked until he was 94 years old. The family emigrated to the United States in 1963 and opened their first pita bakery in the United States in 1968. Harry’s vision, steadfast work ethic and sound business practices helped the business flourish over the ensuing decades, with Toufayan Bakeries undergoing several expansions and moves. Today, the third Toufayan generation oversees the entire process from baking to retail shelf, keeping the proud Toufayan tradition strong. The Toufayan family has always followed a responsible path, caring about the community as well as the ingredients, the food and the brand.

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