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  1. Laura Foreman

    I see you sponsor Camp Nubar & I’m wondering if the camp was named after a man named Nubar. I ask because my uncle, Joe Holbrook, sponsored a man named Nubar when he immigrated to the US from Syria in the 1960’s. I remember hearing Nubar started the 1st bakery to produce pita bread in the US & I’m wondering if he was the same man who started your company. I wish I could remember his last name but I was a little girl when I met him.

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Laura,
      Small world! We’ll ask the Toufayan’s to respond directly to you, but we’re pretty sure it was Haroutune and his wife Siranoush Toufayan who opened the first Toufayan Bakery in 1926. I’m sure their son, Harry Toufayan, has a better recollection of precisely where and when it all began – we can certainly ask him!

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