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    1. Toufayan

      Thanks for your interest!
      Both Crest and Reasor’s carry our products – but I don’t think either of them have many stores west of Woodward. Walmart carries our products, in Guymon and across the border in Liberal, KS.
      Depending on which border you are near, you might be close to a BGC Brookshire, Brookshire Brothers, Fiesta, Grocer’s Supply, HEB, Kroger or Sprouts (Texas) or near a Balls Food Stores, HyVee or Cosentino’s (Kansas). Albertson’s carries our products in New Mexico, Texas and Kansas.
      You can use our store finder for more details. Let us know if you still can’t find them, if you have any questions or where you end up getting them.

  1. Hi,
    I love your low carb high fiber wraps. i found them in NJ and bought about 10 packages. I’m running out and I want to know where I can get them in Northern CA near Berkeley or San Francisco. Anyone here carry them? Can you ship me some? Let me know. thanks!

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Steve and thank you for your endorsement!
      I don’t see wraps in any California stores, but Albertsons, H Mart, Save Mart and Sprouts all carry our products in California. Check out our store finder for stores in your area that carry our products. Also, please ask your the manager at your favorite stores to add our products to their inventories!
      Let us know if you still can’t find Toufayan products in your area.
      Thanks again!

    1. Toufayan

      Each grocer uses date codes of their own specification, please ask your store manager. Toufayan Tortillas have a one week shelf life in the pantry and up to three or four weeks in the refrigerator.

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