Fattoush SaladLet's add some crunch to this refreshing salad using Toufayan Pita!
Stuffed Crust PizzaWho doesn't love more cheese?! Make this colorful pizza with a stuffed crust using a Toufayan wrap of your choice!
Cheesy Flatbread DunkersTake your tomato soup to the next level with our Cheesy Flatbread Dunkers – golden, crispy triangles of cheesy delight that perfectly complement the warmth of a classic tomato soup.
BrunchiladasNext time you are hosting a brunch, try this delicious twist on classic enchiladas - Brunchiladas!
Christmas Pinwheel TreeDelight your family with a tasty twist on tradition. Wrap up the holiday spirit with our festive Christmas Pinwheel Tree tortilla wraps!
Flatbread StuffingTurn your Toufayan flatbread into a hearty stuffing with just a few ingredients.