Toufayan Bakeries Smart Pockets


Toufayan Bakeries Smart Pockets

The Toufayan family’s passion for baking with quality and care continues three generations after it first began. So when our customers asked for a more “user friendly” and healthy pita to make sandwiches, we set out to reinvent the pita. We are proud to have created Smart Pockets™. It’s the most wholesome, convenient, and soft pocket pita bread for the needs of today’s consumer. Your customers will enjoy the smart, new way to make a sandwich. Toufayan Smart Pockets™ are only 80 calories and come in three great flavors including Original, 100% Whole Wheat, and Everything.

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    1. Toufayan

      Hello Chana and thank you for your endorsement!
      We’re sorry you’re having a hard time finding them in your area. Please try Fairway, Foodtown, Gristedes, King Kullen, Shop Rite, or Wegmans. Each store manager may choose to stock different varieties. Please ask your favorite grocer to add Smart Pockets™ to their inventory.
      Let us know if you find a grocer in your area who can help, or if you still have trouble.

      Thank you.

        1. Toufayan

          Hello Aladdin and thank you for your interest.
          Typically we work with local distributors to provide our products to restaurants. Please contact a representative directly for more information. Call 800-328-7428 or visit our contact page.

  1. Denny Ramos

    I found these Everything Smart Pockets during a healthy lifestyle change. I loved to make a reasonable sandwich with these delicious pitas. I found them in the deli section of my local grocery, but unfortunately, every local grocery who use to carry them in the Lansing, MI area, no longer carries them. The closest thing I can find is the Organic sprouted whole wheat pitas that have more calories and although they’re still good, they’re not as tasty as the everything flavor. So disappointed. I even scoured the web trying to find somewhere I could order them and freeze them, but was unsuccessful.

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Denny and thank you for your interest in Toufayan Smart Pockets™.

      There are currently 3 grocers within Michigan that have Toufayan’s Everything Smart Pockets™ available to them.
      Those stores include: Martin’s, Spartan Stores and Valuland.

      Please ask your favorite grocer to add Toufayan Smart Pockets™ to their inventories or to contact us directly.
      Ask them to call 800-328-7428 or visit our contact page.

      You may find a map of the country on our where to buy page. From there you can click on a state to see a list of stores in your region that are part of our distributor’s reach. It is up to each individual store manager to stock Toufayan products or not, but those grocers listed on our where to buy page already have the availability to stock our products.

  2. Mary M

    I love your Original Smart Pockets! They taste great and are only 2 Weight Watcher points each! I enjoy them for my lunch at work filled with thinly sliced lunch meat and fresh lettuce. Delicious!! I’ve also enjoyed them filled with scrambled eggs and salsa at breakfast for a very filling “low point” meal. Food Lion grocery store has them in my area of Virginia but they sell out regularly. Great product.

  3. Sarah

    I LOVE your smart pockets! They taste good, they don’t sit real heavy, and they are healthy! I wish I could find more products in the stores near me!!

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Sarah and thank you for your endorsement!
      Don’t forget to check out our store finder for stores in your area that carry our products. Also, please ask your the manager at your favorite stores to add our products to their inventories!
      Let us know if you still can’t find Toufayan products in your area.
      Thanks again!

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Lori and thanks for your interest,
      Toufayan Smart Pockets™ aren’t available across California yet, but you can check Albertson’s, Walmart, Savemart or Sprouts, as these grocers carry many of our other products. Please ask your grocer to add your favorite Toufayan products to their inventories.
      You can use our Store Finder, to check for availability updates!
      Let us know if you still have trouble or if you do find them in your area.
      Thanks again!

    2. Patty

      I have the same question! Bought them on East Coast, at a Food Lion. I was told they’re only on East Coast.
      I’m waiting in line with you. They’re awesome!

  4. Eddie Cone

    We found these just recently at Walmart. They recently deleted the item. Looked at every store in town. Apparently they are no longer available in Lubbock, TX. They are very good with low fat and calories.

    1. Toufayan

      Have you tried BGC Brookshire? They carry Smart Pockets in Texas. Be sure to ask your store manager to add or replace Smart Pockets™ in their inventory.
      Also, you can try an online store such as, which will ship Smart Pockets to your home.
      Let us know if you find it somewhere else, or if you do try Breadberry, what you think of their service.

      1. MaryFrances

        Brookshire no longer carries Smart Pockets. I am going to have to buy them online – it’s ridiculous that they no longer carry them, yet the lady in their bakery said that people always bought them. I’ll just order online.

        1. Toufayan

          Hi Mary,
          We’re sorry you can’t get them at your grocer. We’ll tell our sales rep about it, but your store is sure to take your interest to heart as well. Please mention it to your store’s manager.

          Meanwhile, if you do find them online, please tell this community about your experience!
          Thanks so much!

  5. I am extremely happy with these Toufayan smart pockets. They taste delicious and I can stuff them with sprouts and tuna salad and tomatoes, and not get juices all over the place. I was reluctant to try them at first because one of the bagel thins bread packages I bought in another brand tasted so bad.

    1. Toufayan

      Hi Mona,
      We’re glad you like them! They are a staple in our health-conscious household as well. If you send us a picture and a recipe, we’ll feature it on our site, with credit to you!

  6. Isadora

    I am a new “big” fan of these Smart Pocket. I just changed my eating habits, so i am very happy to have found these pockets.

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  8. Anthony Kalinowski

    I happened to see your Smart Pockets in a local grocery store, Market in the Square in West Seneca NY, and decided to try them because they were so reasonably priced. They are much better and much easier to use than similar products costing much more! I had never heard of your company before, but I am definitely a big fan now. Thanks very much and keep up the good work.

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