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Turkey, Provolone, and Chickpea Stuffed Pita

A delicious lunch on the go. Wrap up your favorite deli meats with the great taste of Toufayan Pita. Recipe courtesy of

Turkey, Provolone, and Chickpea Stuffed Pita

 1 whole grain pita
 3-4 oz organic/local deli turkey or shredded turkey
 1 oz organic provolone cheese (or hard parmesan to keep it low lactose)
 small handful of greens
 shredded carrots
 3-4 tbsp mashed chickpeas or chickpea salad

cut pita in half. (sometimes it is easier to microwave the pita for 10 seconds to warm it so it is more pliable and doesn't break)


layer all ingredients in the pita. put the chickpeas on the bottom, turkey/cheese on the top, and stuff the veggies inside.


optional: toast in a panini press, or on a pan.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 Serving