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Broccoli Salad Wrap

Fresh, healthy, crunchy and scrumptious. Enjoy these as a light lunch or as part of a party platter. Goes great alongside a serving of Toufayan Pita Chips!

Toufayan Bakeries Plain Wraps

 2 slices of bacon
 1 Toufayan Wholesome Wheat Wrap (or your favorite Toufayan Bakeries wrap)
 0.75 cup broccoli slaw (shredded broccoli stems)
 0.50 of a firm apple, sliced thin (we prefer Fiji, Gala or Pink Lady)
 2 tbsp shredded cheddar cheese
 2 tbsp pecan pieces (crushed)
 1 tbsp dried cranberries
 2 tbsp poppyseed dressing

In a large cast iron skillet, render the bacon and then drain on a drying rack over a newspaper lined sheet pan or else on a plate lined with paper towels.


Place the wrap on a plate and lay the bacon slices across the middle of it.


In a quart-sized bag, mix in the broccoli slaw, apple, cheese, pecans, cranberries, and dressing. Shake to coat evenly and pour out over the bacon slices.


Fold the top and bottom of the wrap over the filling, then roll closed. Cut in half and enjoy.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 Serving