Toufayan Bakeries Bagels

Toufayan foodservice Bagels are made New York Style – boiled and baked, and come in many delicious flavors. All with an unbeatable fresh taste and texture your customers will love (without going all the way to New York). With 0g Trans Fat and 0mg Cholesterol, our wholesale Bagels are a healthy bread you can feel good about serving your customers. Our Smart Bagel™ offers all this goodness and but are almost half the calories of our regular bagels. No need to “scoop out” the middle to offer your guests a low calorie option, saving you time, money and food waste. Contact us today to learn about quantities and options that are perfect for your business.

Toufayan Bakeries - from our family to yours

The Toufayan family is proud to make the finest tasting and healthiest breads for your family. We’re always glad to hear from you, so if you have a moment, drop us a line at or leave a comment below.

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