Toufayan Bakeries Pita Bread


Toufayan Bakeries Pita Bread


Our old world recipes use only top quality, wholesome ingredients. They are naturally cholesterol free and trans fat free. True to the original pita tradition, we hearth bake each bread to a perfect golden brown. Toufayan Pita are convenient and versatile. Just cut in half or at the top and fill with meats, salads or cheese. Great for tacos, sloppy joes and fajitas, or cut into bite size pieces for appetizers.

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    1. Toufayan

      Hello Alex,
      Our Classic White Pitas are not certified vegan, however, we don’t use any non-vegan ingredients. While we do use calcium propionate, which can be made with vegetable or animal fat, we use only vegetable fat calcium propionate.

      Classic White Pita

      Ingredients: Enriched wheat flour, water, yeast and less than 2% of each: sugar, salt, and calcium propionate (added to maintain freshness).

      Thank you for your interest, please feel free to share any comments or questions!

      1. Joanna

        I bought a bag of your pita bread at Kroger. It is so thin that when I try to open it to fill it it falls completely apart.
        terrible quality. Terrible terrible

        1. Toufayan

          Hello Joanna, we are sorry you are disappointed 🙁
          Many of our customers enjoy the thinness of our heath baked pita. However, I know that it can sometimes be a challenge to open them perfectly. We have found that they are much easier to open if they are very fresh and a little warm. If you would give us a second chance we would be grateful!
          Would you like someone from Toufayan to contact you?
          Thank you!

  1. Michelle Holliday

    Toufayan family,
    My son is anaphylactic to sesame seed and sesame seed oil are any of your pitas made with these or on shared lines if you processed products with sesame seeds or sesame seed oil?????

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Michelle and thank you for your question.
      We understand your concern and we strive to make our products as safe, wholesome and healthy as we can. After all, we serve them to our family as well as your!

      You can rest assured that our Hearth Baked Pita does not contain any sesame seed or sesame oil and they are no processed on any equipment that processes sesame seeds or sesame oils. Enjoy them in good health!

      Please note, some varieties of our Crispy Breadsticks, Pitettes, Mini Pitettes, Bagels, Mini Bagels and Smart Pockets do contain sesame seeds and therefore may be processed together, but such products do not share equipment with products that do not contain these ingredients.

      Thanks again and please feel free to ask any other questions you may have, or leave your comments.

  2. Hi,
    I have a deli in South Dakota.
    We like to use 8″ pita bread for sandwiches.
    Do you have any wholesalers in South or North Dakota, Iowa or Minnesota?

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  4. Jack

    Hi I have been trying to eat healthier and have switched over to your pita bread I’m loving it. (Go Sweet Onion). I do have a question is your pita bread unleavened??? Just curious thank you Love the bread.

  5. jen

    Your pita is very delicious. I would love if you created an organic version, to be assured the wheat is free of chemicals. I would pay more for organic. Please think about it. Your bread is very very yummy.

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Katie and thanks for your interest.
      Our Multigrain Pitas are not certified vegan, however, we don’t use any non-vegan ingredients. Calcium propionate can be made with vegetable or animal fat, while we use vegetable fat calcium propionate, without official certification it is very difficult to confirm.

      Multi Grain Pitas

      Ingredients: Stone ground whole wheat, flour, water, enriched wheat flour, wheat gluten, yeast and less than 2% of each: sugar, salt, cracked wheat, rye, yellow corn grits, oats, triticale (wheat/rye), brown rice, flax seed, soy flour and calcium propionate (added to maintain freshness).

      You can checkout our certifications page to learn about which of our products have been independently certified.
      Thanks again and please feel free to share any comments or questions!

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  8. Nella

    Which of your pita breads is sodium-free? Or at least the lowest in salt? I have high blood pressure and am super sensitive to salt. At the RiceHouse medical clinic in Durham, North Carolina, your pita is served. I’m wanting to be able to buy it myself in Naples, Florida. Would you be so kind as to tell me which store/s might carry it there? Please?

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Nella
      Our Pita Bread varieties mostly contain a similar amount of salt, though the Low Carb Pita Bread has less sodium than the other varieties. However, we do offer No Salt Classic White Pitettes® and No Salt Whole Wheat Pitettes®.
      You can find Toufayan Hearth Baked Pitettes® in Florida at Bi-Lo, Publix and Winn Dixie. Use our Store Finder to see what stores in your area carry which products. You can also view the certifications for our products or look at examples of the retail packaging, including the nutritional information:
      Pita Bread Packaging and Nutritional Information
      Mini Pitettes® Packaging and Nutritional Information
      Pitettes® Packaging and Nutritional Information
      Let us know if you still have any questions.

  9. abeer

    I want to know if any natural flavor used in your products undergoes processing with ethanol. This can be answered by your technical department or quality analysis department.

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Abeer and thank you for your interest,
      We spoke with our bakers, and confirmed with our suppliers, the ingredients used in our Pita bread do not contain or use ethanol at any stage.

  10. Amanda

    Hi, do you use any type of oil with TBHQ included, or even TBHQ only in any of your pita bread that is not listed on the ingredients because of being in a smaller amount than required for listing? I ask because I am sensitive to this ingredient to the point that I must avoid it at all costs and want to be sure. Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Amanda,
      In our pita bread, and in many of our products, we use only calcium propionate to maintain freshness. Our shelf is not expected to be very long, we do not use any TBHQ to extend it.

      1. Helen

        May I ask where I can see the expiration date of the pita bread?
        I bought one today from a supermarket. There is no any date on the package but a code–32116N 02:10 TNJ.

        1. Toufayan

          Hello Helen,
          The code date is meant to be stamped or printed by your grocer. Often, we see them printed on the twist lock (the little plastic piece that holds the bag closed). Some grocers print the date directly on the plastic bag. The shelf life of our Pita bread is 5-6 days after defrost.
          Can you tell us which store you the Pita came from?

  11. Mary Ellen Cain

    I have been buying Toufayan Whole Wheat Pita for several years. I keep mine in the freezer, taking out only what I need. This has worked wonderfully for me, with no loss of quality. Of course, they are never in the freezer long enough to get freezer burn, so I have no answer to that possible question. The real reason I am commenting is because I am sure that the Pita I’ve gotten in the last month or two are smaller than what I was used to from Toufayan. They don’t seem to be thicker, which might account for the smaller diameter, just not as big. Has something changed?

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Mary,
      Thanks so much for your loyalty, we are glad you can rely on us! Nothing should have changed in the portion size of our pita. However, we will talk to our bakers about it! Can you let us know where you usually purchase our pita? Please feel free to contact us directly at info@toufayan.com, or just reply here.

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  13. Merv, New York

    Dear Toufayan,
    Since my family consumes your pita bread on daily basis I would like to know more about it. Could you please be kind and tell me from where does your whole wheat flour (or wheat) come from? Is it GMO? Is it organic?
    I’d appreciate your prompt response to this post.

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Merv, we’re glad you and your family enjoy our pita!
      Our new Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Pita is certified organic by the USDA, though they have not yet received official Non-GMO status. We strive to use the highest quality, safest and freshest ingredients in all of our products. You can learn more about our certifications on this site. Check back often as we are always looking to improve our products, with your families in mind.

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Sam,
      We do not ship directly to consumers, however you can find Toufayan Pita Bread in South Carolina at Bi-Lo, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly and Walmart. Each store manager may chose to carry different varieties. Please ask your grocer to add your favorite Toufayan products to their inventories.
      You can use our Store Finder, to check for availability updates!

  14. Cristi

    Is your whole wheat pita made with flour that is enriched with folic acid? Love the pita, but I’ve been diagnosed with a genetic condition in which my body cannot properly methylate folic acid (the synthetic form of folate) that is added to most enriched flours in the US.

    1. Toufayan

      Hi Cristi,
      The flour in our Whole Wheat Pita Bread is enriched with folic acid. However, you can rejoice! Our new Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Pita Bread does not contain flour that has been enriched with folic acid:

      Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Pita Bread

      Ingredients: Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Yeast, Organic Fermented Wheat Flour, Organic Vinegar, Salt, Organic Honey.

      Check your local grocer or ask your store manager to add it to their inventory.

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    1. Toufayan

      Hi Rick,
      We have found that they do freeze well, just ensure that they are well sealed before placing them in the freezer. A vacuum sealer works well or plastic freezer bags with the air carefully removed. You will also find that it is better to chill them in the refrigerator for at least twenty minutes before placing them in the freezer, to reduce condensation. When you defrost them, a slow defrost overnight in the refrigerator works great!
      Once you defrost them, regardless of the code date, don’t leave them in the breadbox for more than three or four days (they usually get eaten before long anyway).

        1. Toufayan

          Yes, you can freeze the Low Carb variety just like other pita breads. Thanks for your endorsement!

          We recommend you chill them first. Ensure an airtight seal with little or no air inside the package, to minimize condensation (I use one-gallon freezer bags). Transfer to the coldest part of your freezer (the bottom usually) after about 30 minutes in the fridge. Keep them frozen for up to 3 months. Defrost overnight in the fridge, or on the counter for about 4 or 5 hours.

    1. Toufayan

      Our Pita Bread is approximately 6″ across. Currently we don’t have anything larger, though we do have smaller ones (Pitettes® and Mini Pitettes®).
      What sizes were you hoping for? Perhaps we’ll talk to our bakers about a specialty, larger version!


    I brought this pita bread at Publix. When I cut it…it was like there was no pocket, no matter how I tried. I couldn’t even do it with a knife. Your picture looks good, but disappointed cause I wanted to do burgers in pitas.

    1. Toufayan

      Thank you for contacting us regarding our Toufayan Pita. We are a family bakery and really appreciate you contacting us.
      Your pita should have pocketed and we are sorry that it did not. Sometimes when the pita is made on super humid days, it really effects the elasticity of the dough before its baked.
      Please contact us directly at 800-EAT-PITA (800-328-7482).
      Thanks again.

    1. Toufayan

      Our pita bread actually varies a little from loaf to loaf. We try to stick to grandpa’s recipe as best we can, which produces approximately the same size pita each time, but subtle variations are noticeable.
      Thanks so much for noticing that they are very similar, Dad will be proud to see we’ve been consistent!
      Thanks again, and enjoy.

  17. Katie

    Hello! My entire household loves your products! I am writing to inquire as to whether your bakery has been affected by the recent recall by Grain Craft flour, due to contamination with peanut flour. We have severe nut allergies and want to know if we can continue to safely eat your product. Thanks!

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Katie and thanks for your endorsement.
      Toufayan Bakeries is not affiliated with Grain Craft or its South Georgia Mill. You can find details of the Grain Craft recall on their website. Further information can be found on the FDA site,confirming that Toufayan is unaffected. You can safely continue to enjoy our Pita Bread!

  18. Bob Corey

    I only buy your bread, most always Whole Wheat but if none available then any otherToufayan Pita will do. I load my bread up like a pizza and eat that way. All my friends come over just for my Super Pita Sandwhiches. I am well known for my Pitas in my circle. Thank you for the best bread on earth.

    1. Toufayan

      Wow Bob! Thanks for your endorsement!
      We love ’em too. Don’t miss our wraps, I love to feed my friends and family Super Wrap Sandwiches too! We’re glad you like them so much. If you send us your favorite recipe we’ll post it on the website!

  19. Jim

    It would be nice if the whole wheat pitas were also sold in a family size. I am assume this would also lower the cost per pita.

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Jim and thanks for your feedback!
      How many pitas would come in your ideal family pack? We’ll be sure to pass your suggestions along to our bakers and reps!

    1. Toufayan

      Hello Todd,
      Here are the ingredients for our Whole Wheat Pita
      Stone Ground Wheat Flour, Enriched Wheat Flour, Water, Oat Bran, Wheat Gluten and Yeast
      (contains less than 2% of sugar, cellulose fiber, salt and calcium propionate to maintain freshness.)
      Processed on equipment that also processes soybean.

      Give it a try and let us know what you think!

      1. Barbara

        Why must you put a chemical like calcium proprionate in your bread? I think I used to buy this product before it had that chemical added. I would rather cut away some mold than eat unnatural substances.

        1. Toufayan

          Hi Barbara,
          Calcium propionate is a type of salt and along with sodium propionate is effective against both B. mesentericus rope and mold, which can cause serious illness. Calcium propionate is easily processed by the human body. The Center for Science in the Public Interest describes the additive, “The calcium is a beneficial mineral; the propionate is safe”, and indicates that “calcium propionate is added to bread products to prevent mold growth”. This has been a valuable resource in the bakery industry for a few decades now.

  20. Tanya

    NO stores have the SWEET ONION PITA in my area can I buy it from you direct My Hua band and I are in weight watchers and it makes a great toasted breakfast bread we are missing it so much

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