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Butternut Squash Pita Nachos

Category: Pitas

Butternut Squash Pita Nachos

Butternut Squash Pita Nachos

These butternut squash pita nachos bring a fall twist to the table packed with Brussels sprouts, cranberries, pancetta and caramelized onions. Courtesy of

Pizza Lunch Box

Pizza Lunch Box Kits

A quick and easy meal your kids will enjoy! Courtesy of

Bacon Ranch Pizza

Bacon and Chicken Avocado Ranch Pizza

This harmonious blend of ingredients is the perfect topping for any pita pizza. Courtesy of


Fusion Slider

Classic flavors with an international twist, this familiar yet exotic dish will comfort and excite at the same time.

Med Sliders

Mediterranean-Spiced Lamb Slider

Continental and mouth watering, these delicious sliders are sure to be the talk of the party! Remember to put one aside before you set them out, or you won't get one for yourself!

Toufayan Bakeries Crab Avocado Mini Pitettes

Avocado Crab

Serve these mini treats at your next gathering as a unique hors d'oeuvre.

Toufayan Bakeries Napa Chicken Pita Salad

Napa Chicken Pita Salad

A deliciously simple treat for two!

Toufayan Bakeries Easy Pita Pizza

Easy Pita Pizzas

Convenient and fun snack for everyone. Courtesy

Toufayan Bakeries Mini Pitettes Mini Cheddar Apple Bites

Mini Cheddar Apple Bites

Modern, simple, delicious and quick, try these little bites at your next gathering or party.

Toufayan Bakeries breakfast hash pita

Breakfast Hash Pita

A delectable classic that is oh so inviting!